- Moving Towards the Other -

“In-between: Moving Towards the Other” investigates how spaces in-between bodies are shaped and transformed when moving towards others. The materiality of the paper allows a somatic approach to the idea that space is not a vacuum, but a confluence of forces that we shape and in turn shape us. The space of the encounter—or the in-between—becomes also a body that twists, shrinks, folds, and unfolds in multiple ways.

It was presented at Xaverian University in the program in Somatic Education for the Arts in Bogotá. Later, the project was enacted in collaboration with Catalina Hernandez-Cabal at Body-IQ Somatics Festival in Berlín. The investigation of the in-between is part of a long-term collaboration with Catalina Hernandez-Cabal through our project, Movencounters.

Video Documentation

The In-Betweens