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Artist Statement

This body made of clay, blood, memories. My mother´s body and that of my grandmother. Body eggshell, body-home, my body, yours, ours. Body that liberates, this boundary, body of lines, body-tunnel, the one made of air and fire, the body-errant, the body-resonance.

I work at the intersection between dance/movement therapy, somatic practices, dance, and visual arts, allowing for an exploration of multiple mediums, navigating through these different fields of knowledge.

I’m una improvisadora, an improviser, in the sense that I make use of my body knows-how to create with which is available in any encounter: breath, touch, weight, temperature. The result of my work is the process itself, in which playing, sensing, investigating with the body becomes the artwork.
In search of paths of moving towards the other, the person always in relationship to another creates a liminal space that transforms the experience of knowing. By using body-related or kinesthetic elements I invite the other to move through exclusion, displacement, and sorrow to embody resistance, solidarity, and hope. The use of forces and counterforces—both physical and social—reinforces a sense of autonomy and our decision to engage in the world.
Natalia Espinel


Ph: Adrián Serna
09 / 2013
Natalia Espinel


Ph: Nacer Douadi
11 / 2014
Natalia Espinel


Ph: Sebastian G. Dixon
06 / 2014


The errants continue their journey despite the obstacles they face. In each step of their journey, they rebuild their lives and transform their bodies; they adapt, they fight, they resist.


It is life itself which creates resistance, thereby enabling us to discover what our bodies are capable of.

Consuelo Pabón
The project, Errantes, explores the plight of the errant beings - those forced out of their daily lives, homes, countries, dreams and dignity - by combining visual and body art performances in close interaction with the surrounding space. During these performances I try to exercise my artistic freedom while being restricted by an elastic fabric. The fabric acts as a membrane through which the forces in my body interact with the forces of resistance in the environment. This force interaction aims to bring consciousness to the plight of the errants, as they journey through environments that are familiar to us.
This project started as a series of drawings and engravings depicting the bodies of the errants. The idea of incorporating the body and its forces into the act of drawing came as a result of my own life experiences and curiosity towards dance and body performance.

Errants from Sahara

It is a people whose country has been stolen and this scandal is not well-known in the world. The truth is that this is proof that in this world, countries can be stolen with innocence and impunity.

Eduardo Galeano
At the end of 2014 I made one of the most important trips of my life: I went to meet the people who were robbed of their home, their freedom and their sea. Without resentment the people of the Sahara live in the heart of the desert with hope brewed by every sip of tea and a distant memory of a deep ocean. They have been waiting for over forty years for justice to give them back what was stolen from them: their country.
Life in the refugee camps is subtly sustained by the awareness and the strength of errant people, wise and peaceful, that gaze towards the infinity of their life in the mirror of the desert. They resist their exile like fireflies: emitting tiny sparkles of light in the darkness of night, alongside the “big light” of the weapons and the war, the power and the corruption.

My Project, Errantes, grew to reach that place; it built itself (without knowing it) to be part of their desert, to join the light of the fireflies, to emit one more sparkle of light, one more sigh of indignation, of resistance and of hope for life.

Errants from the City

Para la vida miles de cantos de libertad. Para la vida miles de cantos de justicia. Para la vida miles de vidas. Para la vida dignidad.

Eduardo Umaña Mendoza
Errantes de la ciudad es la fuerza, la voz y el cuerpo de un grupo heterogéneo de mujeres de diversas edades, lugares de origen y localidades de la ciudad de Bogotá. Mujeres que han vivido y sufrido el desplazamiento forzado en nuestro país o se encuentran en condición de vulnerabilidad, así como también mujeres pertenecientes a Fundaciones Sociales que trabajan por el respeto a los DDHH, estudiantes, profesionales de las ciencias humanas, artistas, entre otras.
Creado por la artista Natalia Espinel en asocio con Inti Camila Romero Estrada, Sebastián González Dixon y con la colaboración de un grupo de artistas y pedagogos que trabajan desde el cuerpo, el movimiento y el sonido.

Errantes de la ciudad es un proceso de formación y experimentación desde el arte, encaminado a la creación de acciones escénicas en el espacio público.

Conoce nuestra intervención en el Terminal de Transportes de Bogotá aquí

My interests and work areas

Visual Arts

Mi dedication. One of my intimates ways of expression.


My passion over all things. Movement, body and space strength.


Where I share my experiences and knowledge.

Human Rights

My work is focused in socials, politics y humanities. Art as a weapon to create awarness and demand respect for life.


I have developed ability as a photographer, making pictures for dance plays, as well as artistic photography as part of my portfolio.


My feed. My dream. Through literature I absorb and transmit. One of the greatest axis of my career.

Life is more important than art; that's what makes art important.

James Baldwin

Artists have to be warriors. Have to have this determination and have to have the stamina to conquer not just new territory, but also to conquer himself and his weaknesses.

Marina Abramovic

I have never been able to carry out any work coolly. On the contrary it is done, so to speak, with my own blood. Anyone who looks at my works must be able to sense that.

Kathe Kollwitz, Diario. Berlín

For me, sculpture is the body. My body is my sculpture.

Louise Bourgeois

I do not like detached creation. Neither can I conceive of the mind as detached from itself. Each of my works, each diagram of myself, each glacial flowering of my inmost soul dribbles over me.

Antonin Artaud

O my body, make of me always a man who questions!

Frantz Fanon

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Errants travels to Artifariti Festival
N.E. | 30 de Octubre / 2014
Rumbo a los campamentos de refugiados del Sahara Occidental, en cercanías de Tinduf, Argelia, como expositora del Festival de Arte y Derechos Humanos Artifariti 2014. Natalia Espinel lleva su proyecto para compartir un taller de cuerpo y sensibilización con mujeres Saharauis. Entra aquí para ir a la página oficial de Artifariti y conocer todo sobre el festival a lo largo de sus ocho ediciones.
Projection mapping at Universidad Javeriana
N.E. | 18 de Septiembre / 2014
Tras la producción y realización visual para la obra Sinfónica Bestiarium, se presentó en vivo un video mapping, que fue proyectado sobre los muros de contención del coliseo de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. El proyecto se realizó en colaboración con la orquesta sinfónica y la carrera de Artes Escénicas, en el marco del Primer Encuentro Javeriano de Arte y Creatividad. Lea más de la noticia aquí.
Errants at Centro de Memoria Paz y Reconciliación de Bogotá
N.E. | 12 Diciembre / 2014
El proyecto Errantes fue presentado en el Centro de Memoria Paz y Reconciliación de Bogotá. Con una video instalación de 15 metros de longitud, y una acción en el espacio, se presento al público. La bailarina Margareth Arias fue invitada como interprete de cuerpo, para realizar la acción junto a Natalia Espinel.


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